Most frequent questions and answers

Make sure there have enough battery capacity, keep the metal interface clean, reconnect the battery and screen ribbon cable and then turn on again, if the problem still, try to connect your old screen, if the old screen can turn on, that maybe something wrong with the new screen, please contact us with Amazon message.

The lines always caused by the loose connection of the ribbon cable, make sure the connector is clean and reconnect it, if issue still exists, it could be a problem of the screen, please contact us.

If caller hear muffled, fuzzy, or even no sound from you or you hear cracking noise in your iPhone’s ear speaker, that is because of the wrong or careless installation, you should reinstall¬† the mic and speaker again, do keep everything in its accurate position and firmly fixed.

If you make sure it is something wrong with our product, you can replace for another new one on Amazon, and Amazon will automatically send you a new one in our inventory, and also you can contact us with Amazon message.