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6 Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone Screen Repair

Repair a broken iPhone screen is not easy, sometimes tiny mistake may cause big problem, these FAQs are useful for anyone who wants to DIY with your screen replacement.

1.Why my iPhone can’t power up after I done the replacement?

Make sure there have enough battery capacity, always keep the metal connector interface clean, reconnect the battery and screen ribbon cable and then turn on again, if the problem still exists, please try to connect your old screen, if the old screen works, that maybe something wrong with the new screen, please contact us with Amazon message or Email or Socail App.

2.Why white lines or spots showing on my screen?

The lines sometimes caused by the loose connection of the ribbon cable, make sure the connector is clean and try to reconnect the ribbon cable,  if issue still exists, it might be too much hard press on the screen glass corner of the screen, it is physical damaged, like this situation showing on the picture.  Please contact us for a new replacement.

 white lines on screen
white lines on screen
3.Why my iPhone has muffled noise?

If someone you calling hears muffled, fuzzy, or even no sound  or you hear cracking noise from your iPhone,  that is because of the wrong or careless installation of the mic&speaker, you should check and reinstall them, do keep everything in its accurate position and firmly fixed.

Microphone & speaker on iPhone
microphone & speaker on iPhone

♥This picture is a general view, different device may have different position of the microphone or speaker

4.Why device keeps on black screen but I can hear power up sound?

That means device is powered up, but screen is black and blank, please try to reconnect the ribbon cables, maybe one of the two connectors is not firmly connected. If problem still exists, please contact our Customer Service for a new replacement.

5.Why home button doesn’t work?
home button connector
home button connector

Please take a look of the picture above, the postion of the red circle is home button ribbon connector, makesure it is clean and firmly connected. And you can try to test your home button on your old screen, makesure the home button isn’t damaged during installation, sometimes it is happened. contact us if issue still exits.

6.Why my phone can’t power up or disfunction after a few days later?

Please try to disassemble the device and check all these connectors, sometimes the connectors get loose if they not firmly connected for the first time, contact us if issue still exists after all these being checked and nothing wrong are found.

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Jack Hug

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10 Responses

  1. i finally finished installing the new screen, but my home button doesn’t work, and im getting an error message that says unable to activate Touch ID on this phone

    1. Try these steps:
      1. Make sure your finger and home button is clean.
      2. Check your Touch ID settings on iPhone, reset maybe helpful.
      3. Hard reboot your device.
      4. Test the home button with your old screen, if it works, then check the connections of the ribbon cable on the new screen. if the home button also can’t work on your old screen, that might be somethings damaged with your home button, you need a new one. Sometimes home button is damaged when careless tiny mistake during installation.
      5. Contact our customer service for help if the screen product is faulty.

      1. Hi, I replaced my iPhone 7 screen. At first, it worked pretty well. But after three days problem appears. Such as blinking, partially or whole screen no response. After totally powering off then on, it works for a while. Then dysfunction again. I have to change it back to my broken one, which has no such problems at all except has cracks on it.

        1. Hi, so sorry for this late reply, you can contact directly on Amazon or contact via e-mail printed on backside of the packaging, we have customer service staff to provide help in 24 hours.
          As the situation you said, if you make sure the ribbon cable conection has no problem, you should need a new replacement, don’t worry, please contact us for a new one.
          Thank you for your order and very glad to help.

          1. Hi.
            I got iphone 7 screen today from Amazon.

            But when I checked the screen after I done the replacement, I saw cracked led on my middle right side of new screen.

            Can you resend me the new one?
            If you needed I can send you the picture of that.

            Please and thank you
            I hope get reply as soon as possible from you.

  2. I ordered a screen replacement for an iPhone 6s. the ribbon connecting the home button was detached from the plate. how do I go about getting this replaced?

  3. I recently purchased a new screen from U for my IPhone 6s and the replacement has only 2 plugins while the original screen has 3. Did u send me the wrong screen. It says screen replacement for 6s 4.7 white on the box.

    1. Thanks for your order, The plugins you meant are flex cables? Maybe you want a full assembly screen. Don’t worry, please contact our customer service on Amazon, and attach picture about your issue, we have professional colleague and will reply in 12 hours.
      Thank you.

  4. After replacing the screen it was working perfectly. Next morning no more touch screen, everything is working but I just can’t hit anything on the screen, I can’t even close it for a reboot. I did re-open it to check all connections, and then it does’nt open anymore. I’ve my old cracked screen back on and it work. And by the way the seal was missing.

  5. Thanks for your orders. I think you can try to check the connection cables of home button, it seems that it is an issue about touching. Please don’t worry, contact our Amazon Customer Service if you have any problem.

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