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5 Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Screen Product

We received many feedbacks about our iPhone screen replacement product, some are about proudct appearance or packaging, some are about the color, brightness or touch sensitivity. here I collected most of the Frequently Asked Questions, and hope that our customers visit this post would get help.

1. Why the package looks dirty or likes used second-hand?

Because it is a very long transportation when customer receive the screen product. sometimes the package may be pushed too much, and looks dirty, and the product packed in the box is messy, ribbon cables bended, don’t worry, please try to install and contact us for a new one if you find this product is damaged.

2. Why there have bubbles on the screen?

bubbles on screen and tear off the film

To avoid being scratched, screen product is protected by a transparent soft film. But our tester have to lift the film up to check pixel issue, like bad pixel point, and then bubbles may showed up when the filem return back on the screen, it is not quality issue. Please tear off the film when you done the installation.

3. Color or brightness is not as great as the orignal screen

To be honest, the color of the screen product is not as the same great as the orignal screen, but it is very very close to original quality, we add brighten plate which increase brightness of the screen.

some of the screen product may have warm color, for eyes protection, the warm color screen looks a little dim than a cold color screen.

4. Missing parts or no adhesive tape included

Sometimes we get feedbacks about missing screwdriver bits. There have two bits for iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, the Pentalobe and the PH000. Three for iPhone 7/7Plus/8/8Plus, the Tri-swing is added. Please contact our customer service for help if you received package missing the required bits.

For adhesive tape, it is not included, because iPhone device would never be waterproof once the iPhone device is mannually disassembled, even if the adhesive tape is used when reassembling.

5. Glass cracked or clipped

Because it is a very long transportation when customer receive the screen product. sometimes it happened that the screen product has glass cracked or clipped on the corner even if you done a great packed, Please contact our customer service on Amazon or directly via email.

Jack Hug

Jack Hug

Co-founder of Sundrawy international business, CTO.


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