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Dog Rope Toys Set

Dog Rope Toys Set, Ball Bone Frisbee for Small Medium Breed Dog Teething
  • 12 PACK HIGH QUALITY ROPES For Your Best Friend – Perfect for Tug of War, Toss and Fetch Games, and Teething Dental Health. contains 12 toys will provide endless hours of daily fun, great for small and medium dog, works for aggressive chewers and teething puppies alike.
  • DOG TEETHING TOY FOR PUPPIES, Helps reduce anxiety in dogs end stops them from chewing on furniture & personal belongings –UNIQU Design : The dog chew toy combine rubber toy and rope toy, with bumps on surface, helps dogs massage their gums, and rope helps clean teeth, maintain oral health.
  • PERFECT COMBINATION OF DOG TOYS FOR TUG, CHEWING – tough dog toys that withstand playtime with medium dogs and small dogs, Although our dog ropes toys are durable dog toys, they’re not completely indestructible, so rest assured that we chose to use the safest adhesives & materials available as opposed to the strongest.
  • WASHABLE 100% NATURAL COTTON FIBERS for Your Family Member’s Health and Safety. The giraffe flosser rope toy and ropes flosser are structured to clean teeth, and provide other dental benefits, including gum health.
  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS FOR BOREDOM – Dogs are animals that need care and love. this dog toys set is best for different occasions, from fun indoor activities to outdoor games with your dog. Our rope toys are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, convenient to play with your dogs, such as tug of war, toss and fetch games. That’s positively enhances the relationship between you and your dogs.

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